While it's often overshadowed by nearby San Francisco, Oakland's restaurant scene offers a delicious array of dining choices. College Avenue hotspots like A Cote and Oliveto continue to draw diners while nearby Piedmont Avenue is enjoying a culinary boom thanks to restaurants like Jojo, Baywolf and the always-packed Dopo. Further afield, Otaez Mexicatessen and Tamarindo Antojeria Mexican offer superb Mexican food. And what ever you don't miss the outstanding Pizzaiolo, a restaurant so good it draws diners from that city across the bay. Try our online reservations. It's free and books the table immediately in the restaurant's reservation system. You'll also receive Dining Bonus Points redeemable at thousands of restaurants nationwide.

Campo di Bocce

175 E. Vineyard Avenue, Livermore CA 94550; Tel. 1.925.344.4474
Enjoy a taste of Italy at Campo di Bocce in Livermore. From fresh fried calamari and bruchetta to panini and unique pizzas; from eggplant parmesan and lasagna specials to locally made Italian desserts, Campo di Bocce offers a true Italian taste experience. More Information About Campo di Bocce


5484 College Ave., Oakland CA 94618
French, Mediterranean, California. Since its inception by Chef/ Owner Christopher Rossi, Citron has established itself as an Oakland landmark catering to those who want the freshest ingredients possible prepared in tantalizing fashion. The ever-changing menu is dominated by French and Mediterranean innovations with a healthy dose of Californian, and is available in both ala carte or prix fixe variations. Unless you're well versed in the intricacies of both cuisine and wine, go for the prix fixe menu, which is offered with an optional wine pairing that melds the combination of flavors exquisitely. Due to Citron's unparalleled excellence, getting a table can be tough, so make reservations early.

Garibaldi's on College

5356 College Ave., Oakland CA 94618
Mediterranean. Garibaldi's is a very popular Oakland restaurant that specializes in hearty portions of American classics and delicious, but simple, Mediterranean fare. Almost every dish stays true to its roots and is completely satisfying. They also have a full bar and a very interesting wine list that pairs excellently with the food.


60 San Leandro Marina, San Leandro, CA 94577
American, Seafood. Horatio's is a classic American seafood and chophouse that specializes in sumptuous portions served to you comfortably and attentively by their excellent staff. The wine list is extensive, with many of Northern California's favorites included. Horatio's is equally suitable for an intimate date or a meal with a large group of people.

Il Porcellino

6111 La Salle St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.339.2149
For real Italian fare in Oakland, head over to Il Porcellino which serves classic and contemporary entrees, at reasonable prices, they way they were meant to be served. Il Porcellino is a great destination for a night out or for families dining with kids, the food is terrific, but save some room for dessert because the tiramisu is out of this world.

Kincaid's Bayhouse

1 Franklin Street, Oakland CA 94607
American, Seafood. Recalling the comfort foods of simpler times, Kincaid's offers healthy portions of classic American favorites, from steaks and chops to seafood and poultry. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, the service excellent, and the food speaks for itself; all coming together as one to ensure that once you sample Kincaid's, it will become a regular stop for your dining excursions.

Montclair Bistro

6118 Medau Place, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.482.8282
An upscale venue in the Montclair neighborhood of Oakland that serves up some of the most delicious beef dishes that we have come across. The Montclair Bistro offers its patrons sophisticated dining close to home and the wine selection is quite extensive showcasing some of the premier wineries; also featured are exclusive wine maker dinners that combine the Bistro's excellent food with the perfect wine pairing.

Oliveto Café & Restaurant

5655 College Ave. Oakland, CA 94618
Northern Italian. Oliveto offers regional favorites and some interesting specialties in the Northern Italian tradition. Menu selections change dramatically with the seasons. Actually two restaurants in one, Oliveto features a whimsical cafe atmosphere on the ground floor and a more romantic venue upstairs for that special night out. Meats, including some wild game dishes, and innovative yet simple pastas dominate the menu.

Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant and Pub

51 Embarcadero Cove, Oakland CA; Tel. 510.536.2050
What could be better than drinking a beer in a laid back, casual pub and being served outstanding food? Doing this while sitting on one of the best decks in Oakland. At Quinn's Lighthouse Restaurant and Pub you can choose from a staggering selection of beer and an even more suprising menu. Everything, and we mean everything at Quinn's is excellent and the portions are nothing short of huge; you've got to ttry the burgers which can be made from a variety of meats, the fish and chips are probably the best around and the, heck, just go there and check it out. It's more upscale in the downstairs dining room, so head upstairs to the pub and enjoy some of Oakland's best.

Soizic Bistro

300 Broadway at 3rd St., Tel. 510.251.8100
A seriously phenomenal neighborhood style restaurant near Jack London Square in Oakland, Soizic does California cuisine like few others. It's moderatly priced and relaxingly comfortable, best of all, if you go there a few times, you'll be treated famously by the owners and waitstaff. The food is simple, yet innovative and some of the house specialties are just amazing--try the lamb in maderia sauce, even if you don't particularly like game because this is probably the best lamb we've had. The wine list also compliments the cuisine beautifully and make sure you save some room for the desserts.

Stacey's at Waterford

4500 Tassajara Suite C, Dublin CA
California/Vegetarian. Stacey's at Waterford, co-owned by Dilbert creator Scott Adams, serves an inspired menu of California and vegetarian fare. Look for Dungeness crab cakes, roasted stuffed portabella mushrooms, stone-fired pizza and lamb and wild mushrooms pappardelle served in an elegant setting.

Yoshi's at Jack London Square

510 Embarcadero West, Oakland, CA 94607; 510.238.9200
Everybody should know Yoshi's for its world renowned live Jazz, but there's another side to it, a decent Japanese restaurant where you can get any entree your heart desires. Yoshi's is a serious Oakland staple for a great night out on the town for dinner and a show, but in order to get the best seats for the live music, get there early.

A Coté

5478 College Ave. (Cross streets Taft and Lawton.), Oakland CA 94618; Tel. 510.655.6469
French, Mediterranean. A Coté's menu rests in the French tradition, but is not afraid of short trips all around the Mediterranean in search of the perfect blend of flavors. The lively atmosphere and the beautiful decor combine to give the diner an experience as unique as the food.

Battambang Restaurant

850 Broadway Street (at 8th St.), Oakland CA 94606; Tel. 510.839.8815
Cambodian. Battambang specializes in authentic Cambodian fare served in traditional fashion. The food is excellent, if rather on the mild side. Focus your attention on the array of spiced rubbed meat dishes and you won't be disappointed. Battambang also caters to the vegetarian crowd, with meatless dishes dominating the menu. Battambang is a serious dining adventure, so come with an open mind and an empty stomach.

Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers

4162 Piedmont Ave., Oakland CA 94611; 5819 College Ave., Oakland CA 94618; Tel. 510.655.7180; Tel. 510.601.0444
American. Large burgers topped with virtually anything you can possibly imagine are the staple at Barney's, a definate East Bay fave. Plus, beef isn't the only choice for burgers: turkey, chicken, veggie and tofu are all available. Grab a side of fries and an icy cold beverage, sit back and enjoy classic Oakland burger bliss.

Bay Wolf Café and Restaurant

3853 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, CA 94611; Tel. 510.655.6004
Californian, Mediterranean. Established in 1975 by chef/ owner Michael Wild, this East Bay staple never misses. Located in a converted Victorian home, Bay Wolf Cafe offers Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The menu changes with the seasons, but Wild's signature duck dishes are always available. The service, like the food, is impeccable and the ambiance is unforgettable.

Cafe 817

817 Washington St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.271.7965
Cafe 817 is a trendy downtown Oakland cafe that specializes in serving the demanding lunchtime crowd offering up delicious authentic Italian sandwiches and entrees. Also, if you've already eaten and are in the neighborhood, stop in for the best espresso in Oakland.

Café Colucci

6427 Telegraph Ave., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.601.7999
Utensils are superflous at Cafe Colucci: half the charm of this flavorful Ethiopian cuisine is eating it with your hands, in the traditional style. And once you bite in to any of these sumptuous dishes you'll immediately know where the rest of the charm lies. Cafe Colucci is one of the best dining adventures available in Oakland, and a great first date ice breaker: after all, once you've shared a few dishes using your hands, nothing that happens after could possibly seem awkward.

Chef Edward's Bar-B-Que

1998 San Pablo Ave. (at 19th St.), Oakland CA 94612; Tel. 510.834.9516
Barbecue. Chef Edward's Bar-B-Que specializes in ribs that fall off the bone and brisket that splinters at the slightest touch. Be warned, the spicy sauce could do some serious damage to patrons with a low tolerance for heat. Go with the mild and grab a side of the hot so you can add it in increments.

Chef Paul

4179 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.547.2175
Chef Paul is a romantic, cozy venue featuring European classics that aim to please the stomach and the soul of Oakland restaurant goers.

Chez Simone

4125 Piedmont Ave., Oakland CA 94611; Tel. 510.655.1034
French. Chez Simone is one of the best French restaurants in the East Bay, and chef/owner Simone Herault has followed her formula for success for over twenty years. Offering simple dishes like quiches and crepes with more substantial daily specials, Chez Simone packs diners into its small space. Those in the know will always attempt to grab a table on the vine covered balcony.

Doña Tomás

5004 Telegraph Ave., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.450.0522
Mexican. Oakland's premier Mexican eatery, Dona Tomas does everything classy, from the food to the cocktails. The restaurant's main dining hall is a hip, vibrant space where diners can sample a variety of innovative Mexican dishes done with a signature Californian flair. Add a tequila list that tops 25 varieties, a good selection of mescals, and a special cocktail list, and it's easy to see why Dona Tomas is always so packed. Here's a hint for the romantic set: get a table on the back patio and then let the food and cocktails do the rest.

Everett & Jones

2676 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland CA; ; Tel. 510.533.0900
8739 E. 14th St., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.638.6400
126 Broadway, Oakland CA; Tel. 510.663.2350
1955 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley; Tel. 510.548.8261
Barbecue. This Oakland chain is, hands down, the best place for barbecue in the East Bay and with four locations, it's easy to get your Everett & Jones fix. Everything is consistently delicious from the chicken, the brisket, and the pork ribs to the specialty links.

Fat Lady Restaurant

201 Washington St., Oakland, CA 94607; Tel. 510.465.4996
An antique filled, Tiffany-lit 1884 Victorian--rumored to have been a bordello a century ago--has since 1970 housed this family-owned Jack London Square restaurant. Good for after-movie dinners and Sunday brunches.


5400 College Ave., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.601.8646
An Italian restaurant that is fast becoming an Oakland institution, Filippo's serves up great food in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Located in the Rockridge district, Filippo's is hearty and satisfying, but also offers items for those wanting something on the lighter side; also they cater to the needs of vegetarians.

Golden Lotus

1301 Franklin St., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.893.0383
Vegetarian. You won't miss the meat when you dine at Golden Lotus—the chefs are so skilled at manipulating soy protien, wheat gluten, nuts and vegetables to mimic the textures and flavors of meat that you'd swear you're eating the real thing. How they can offer around a hundred menu choices, everyone of them different and tantalizing, still baffles us, but we're glad they do. A phenomenal value for the money and always delicious, it's no wonder the Golden Lotus is an Oakland favorite.

Grand Oaks Restaurant

3701 Grand Avenue, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.451.5253
Probably the best bang for your buck in Oakland, the Grand Oaks Restaurant does all of your classic American favorites excellently and with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. People all over the Bay Area have raved about the house prime rib and we tend to agree with them and it also begs the question; how can they serve food this good and keep the prices so low? We guess that it is just one of life's (or Oakland's) little mysteries.


6317 College Ave. (Between Alcatraz and Claremont), Oakland CA 94608; Tel. 510.595.3557
Asian Fusion. A hip and fun dining experience in the Rockridge district of Oakland, Grasshopper offers Asian fusion served tapas-style. Most of the dishes are eye grabbing and quite delicious. But, even if the food doesn't tantalize, the extensive list of sake and vibrant atmosphere will more than make up for any shortcomings.

The Great Wall Chinese Vegi and Seafood Restaurant

6247 College Ave., 510.658.8458
Chinese. The Great Wall specializes in unique vegetable and seafood dishes expertly prepared and always extremely satisfying. The Great Wall Chinese Vegi and Seafood Restaurant, although little known, is quickly rising the ranks in the Oakland dining scene; it may look generic, but the quality and taste of the dishes is so above average that you have to try it again and again.


381 15th St. (at Franklin), Oakland CA 94612; Tel. 510.832.5238
Vietnamese. Once a very simple Vietnamese lunch spot, Huynh's remarkable makeover has transformed it into a swanky Oakland dining destination that serves some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in the Bay Area. Always delicious and a bargain during lunch, Huynh's is a relaxed, casual spot that offers quick, friendly service, with decor and atmosphere that will make you want to linger.


5897 College Ave., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.601.1424
Isobune is a constantly packed sushi bar in Oakland that caters to lunch and dinner goers with equal zeal. Some of the best and friendliest service in town is combined with sushi that tastes as if it was just released off the hook; Japanese favorites are also served at this affordable Oakland restaurant.

Italian colors Ristorante

2220 Mountain Blvd., S.100, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.482.8094
Northern Italian fare at its best is the decided mark of Italian Colors Ristorante in Oakland. All of the pastas are made in house and the roast chicken and pork chops are local favorites. The ambiance is more on the rustic side which goes well with the swift and personable service. Italian Colors is a perfect restaurant for that romantic dinner for two or a fun evening out with a group.

Ital Calabash

1405 Franklin (at 15th St.), Oakland, CA 94612; Tel. 510.836.4825
Rastafarian. Ital food is Rastafarian vegetable cuisine freshly made using no artificial ingredients. Ital Calabash, one of a handful of Rastafarian restaurants in Oakland, goes an extra step by serving completely vegan food. The friendly staff is quick to offer suggestions which, combined with the unique food, makes your experience memorable.

Jade Villa

800 Broadway (at 8th St.), Oakland CA 94607; Tel. 510.839.1688
Cantonese, Dim Sum. If you want dim sum in Oakland, head to Jade Villa, which never disappoints with its varied menu. Jade Villa is constantly packed with patrons, so it may take a little longer to get seated and through a meal than you're used to, but the wait is well worth it.

Jamaica Station

4929 Shattuck Ave., Oakland CA 94609; Tel. 510.597.1539
Jamaican. For a true feeling of the islands right in Oakland, swing by the Jamaican Station, sit back with a beer and prepare for a meal that will definately wake up your taste buds. Jerk chicken, goat curry, saltfish and other Jamaican specialties are delicious, and all are served with so many sides that you'll be hard pressed to find a better value. The only downside is the incredibly long wait for the food, but, hey, it's island time.


3859 Piedmont Ave., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.985.3003
French, Californian. This quaint little bistro in Oakland is one of the best French restaurants in the Bay Area, utilizing only the highest quality, freshest local ingredients in simple, yet inspired dishes that consistently please. The cozy, intimate atmosphere and unobtrusive service make for a wonderful dining experience. The flavors and attention to detail are what you'd expect from higher priced restaurants, but Jojo's offers excellent French cuisine at very reasonable prices.

Koryo Wooden Charcoal Barbecue

4390 Telegraph Ave., Suite J, Oakland CA; Tel. 510.652.6007
For Korean barbecue in Oakland you can't beat Koryo, the food is bright and delicious, there's plenty of it, and you grill the meats yourself. Each of the entrees is served witha variety of sides that make certain each trip to Koryo's will be a different one because it's impossible to try everything in one sitting. The service leaves a little something to be desired, but that's not what you go to Korean barbecues for.

La Taza de Cafe

5761 Thornhill Dr., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.339.7400
Featuring an excellent tapas menu with a Cuban bent, La Taza de Cafe in Oakland, should be your one stop shop for good food, better drinks—a red and white sangria menu—and live music entertainment from Latin America.

Le Cheval

1007 Clay St. (between 10th and 11th st.), Oakland CA 94607; Tel. 510.763.8495
Vietnamese. The see and be seen place in Oakland and also a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant, Le Cheval artfully blends exquisite flavors to provide the diner with gastronomic trip around Southeast Asia. The service is effecient and the atmosphere is totally hip and loud. Go with a group of friends and both your wallets and stomachs will not be disappointed.

Ma's Caribbean Cuisine and Roti Shop

1711 Telegraph Ave., Oakland CA 94612; Tel. 510.444.7684
A truly down home experience and one that is unique to Oakland, Ma's Caribbean Cuisine is as casual as casual dining gets. The food has just the right spices and the roti, grilled flatbread bursting with savory meats and vegies, can satisfy any appetite. The friendly demeanor of Ma and her family alone are reason enough to stop in and grab a bite. Ma's Caribbean is a true Oakland favorite.

May Hong

Specializing in noodle dishes during the day and serving more elegant fare at night, May Hong is certainly one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Oakland. The chefs creations, utilizing traditional Vietnamese methods such as the clay pot, are inspired, not to mention delicious. Service is a bit rough at this yet to be discovered jewel, but the portions and the food will make you forget that aspect rather quickly.

Mexicali Rose

701 Clay St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.451.2450
Serving traditional Mexican favorites from breakfast through closing time, Mexicali Rose has been a fantastic place in Oakland for solid Mexican food for decades. Also, the full service bar serves up one of the best margaritas you're going to find in Oakland. The service is casual and effecient, and the decor is something straight out of the fifties bucking current trends of other Mexican eateries.

Museum Kitchen Nigerian Restaurant

135 12th St. between Oak St. and Madison St., Downtown Oakland CA; Tel. 510.836.5155
Named after the famed restaurant in Lagos, Museum Kitchen is true African cuisine at its best right here in Oakland. The mostly vegetarian entree can be served with a variety of meats, including fish, and, only by request, one can even get African snails. Believe us, if you like to explore the world's dining fare, you must stop on by the Museum Kitchen Nigerian Restaurant in Oakland.

Nan Yang Rockridge

6048 College Ave. (at Claremont Ave.), Oakland CA 94618; Tel. 510.655.3298
Located in the venerable Rockridge district of Oakland, Nan Yang serves Burmese food in an upscale manner replete with formal waiters and white linen tablecloths. Garlic noodle dishes and curries dominate the menu, and the food is as delicious as the decor is stylish. If you haven't been to this restaurant yet it is certainly worth a look.


4066 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.601.6441
Ninna utilizes some interesting French techniques and a blend of Thai ingredients to satisfy the appetites of Oakland residents. Most of the dishes are superior in both taste and quality, but still some others are just your usual Thai fare. The atmosphere is universally cozy making Ninna a good place for an intimate evening.

Organic Café

1050 40th St., 510.653.6510
A simple vegan restaurant specializing in bringing the ultra-health conscious strictly organic ingredients. The baked goods, breads, and desserts are the main focus here, but if you're so inclined check out one of the only vegan weekend brunches in Oakland.

Otaez Mexicatessen

3872 International Blvd., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.536.0909
Serving classic Mexican dishes is the staple at Otaez Mexicatessen in Oakland's Fruitvale district, but you've got to pop in any day of the week to catch the awesome daily and seasonal specials that take you through a taste bud excursion all over Mexico. Especially wholesome are the traditional soups which are put out fresh daily and never fail to warm you up on a cold day. Also, Otaez recently added an excellent taqueria to its already extensive menu, where you can get more gringo-style fare.

Phnom Penh House

251 Eighth St., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.893.3825
Phnom Penh House could easily be overlooked as just another Asian eatery in Oakland, but once inside and the wonderful smells of curries hit your nose, you'll know immediately that you've stumbled onto something special. The fine cambodian cuisine can be made as mild or spicy as you can take it, and Phnom Penh doesn't skimp on the portions, all at incredibly low prices. This place is definately a little known Oakland secret, that really does a phenomenal job.

Pizza Rustica Café

5422 College Ave., Oakland CA; 6106 La Salle Ave., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.654.1601; Tel. 510.339.7878
It seems there's two schools when it comes to pizza; gourmet and, well, what we'll call hearty. Pizza Rustica Cafe falls firmly in the gourmet catagory, but it's certainly not the skimpy gourmet pizza you're used to. With two locations--the one in Oakland's Rockridge district is continually packed-- to serve your pizza needs, a steady stream of take out and limited delivery, there is no reason to still be calling those slapdash national chains. But, like we said, there are two schools, so if gourmet isn't your thing, look further down the page.

Red Brick Pizza

Near Airport - 8460 Edgewater Drive, Oakland CA 94621; Tel. 510.568.9833
"Redbrick" in Italian means "terra cotta stone." It all began centuries ago when only the finest pizzas were baked in a brick oven, on a terra cotta stone. Today RedBrick Pizza combines century old Italian tradition with new world technology to create the world's finest, fresh fire-roasted gourmet pizzas. RedBrick oven sears your pizza at more than 1,000° in just 3 minutes*, directly on their "RedBrick" stone. The result is a delicate golden crust, delicious thin crisp center imbued with fascinating flavors that is healthier and better for you. Qualita Superior Italian cheeses are used with premium gourmet ingredients, and hand rolled dough made fresh daily with heart healthy olive oil. That's Amore!

Red Sea Restaurant

5200 Claremont Ave., 510.655.3757
A true dining adventure and, in the Bay Area, one that's almost exclusive to Oakland, Ethipoian and Eritrean restaurants are super casual and fun--what else would you call restaurants where you are encouraged to eat with your hands? Everything at the Red Sea Restaurant, from the vegetarian entrees to the grilled meat platters, really satisfies your appetite and tastes delicious. Seriously, if you've never tried Ethiopian cuisine before, get away from your normal dining excursions and check out the Red Sea in Oakland.

Restaurant Peony

388 9th St., Ste. 288, Oakland, California; Tel. 510.286.8866
Those in the know in and around Oakland come to Restaurant Peony for some of the best dim sum, but that's not all. Restaurant Peony also serves excellent traditional Chinese food from a variety of regions and you know the food is great because this place is always a packed house.

Restaurante Doña Tomás

5004 Telegraph near 51st St., Oakland CA; Tel. 510.450.0522.
Mexican carnitas, enchiladas, chicken lime cilantro soup, pozole.

Rockridge Cafe

5492 College Ave., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.653.1567
Hands down the best place for breakfast in Oakland, but you need not go there only for the first meal of the day. Rockridge Cafe also does a phenomenally good lunch in the diner style and an excellent, more gourmet dinner. The milkshakes are fantastic, the food is great, the prices seem stuck in a time warp, and the atmosphere screams country diner. Oakland locals know, and you'll know it now, to leave your cell phone off because they don't use the little pests in simple diners.

Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles

336 Grand Ave., Oakland, California; Tel. 510.444.5705
No trip to Oakland is complete without a stop by roscoe's Chicken & Waffles that has been serving a faithful following of locals and travelers for years. Known throughout the East Bay for its down home Louisiana style smothered fried chicken and for its hearty waffles, Roscoe's is a true Oakland institution. Seriously, there is no other place where you can get fried chicken and Waffles at the same time; nowhere.

S&S Seafood

4923 Telegraph Ave. (at 49th St.), Oakland CA 94609; Tel. 510.654.5504
Everything comes fried at S&S Seafood in Oakland, but that's how it's done with Southern style seafood and, believe us, you'd be hard pressed to find any better than here. Breaded in a spicy cornmeal crust and served piping hot, everything from the fish to the oysters comes plenitful at this little, mostly take out, joint. The portions are huge--get the regular unless you're sharing, or grab the small if you're just midly hungry--and you will see why S&S Seafood has been a local Oakland fave for well over a decade.


3355 Lakeshore Ave., 510.465.8320
Spettro is a casual, funky little spot with a menu that can best be described as quirky, but if you're looking for something different--and a place to bring the kids--this neighborhood restaurant in Oakland could be just the ticket. Don't let us lead you to believe that Spettro only serves eclectic food, there's pizzas and some more traditional Italian fare, but dining out is supposed to be an adventure and Spettro delivers.

TJ's Gingerbread House

741 5th St., Oakland, CA 94607; Tel. 510.444.7373
Located near Jack London Square in Oakland and serving our needs for down home Cajun cooking with attitude and charm, TJ's Gingerbread House, if it isn't already an Oakland landmark, it certainly should be. For over 30 years, chef/ owner TJ Robinson has been keeping her watchful eye on the spicy fare, while charming all of her customers; and, please take note of this, making the best cornbread in the world, seriously we dare you to find a challenger. TJ's is truely an Oakland must.


5415 College Ave., Oakland CA 94618; Tel. 510.654.7753
This tiny Japanese restaurant boast such expertise of culinary skills that even your everyday fare like teriyaki and udon are done on a different level making Uzen one of Oakland's best. And here's a word to the wise, Uzen's chefs only buy enough fresh fish for their sushi to get them through the day, so if your tastes lean toward the more popular choices, get there early and you won't be disappointed.

Verbena Restaurant

1111 Broadway, Lobby Level (In the Shorenstein Building atrium), Oakland CA 94607; Tel. 510.465.9300
Located in the atrium of the Shorenstein Building in Oakland's city center lies one of the warmest, most sophisticated restaurants that we have to offer. Verbena does Californian-Mediterranean cuisine like no other, utilizing strong techniques and the freshest ingredients to bring you the best possible dishes. And the menu choices are staggering, everything from simple pizza and burgers give way to dishes like braised lamb shank and salads that definately eat like a meal. Verbena Restaurant is a must for any diners culinary excursions; for lunch, when it's packed with Oakland biz pros, be prepared to take a little longer than you expected, but, hey, you deserve it.

Zachary's Chicago Pizza

5801 College Ave. (at Oak Grove), Oakland CA 94618; Tel. 510.525.5950
1853 Solano Ave. (between Alameda and Colusa), Berkeley CA 94707; Tel. 510.525.5950
The best stuffed pizza outside of the Windy City itself, Zachary's is firmly situated in that other school of pizza; the gooey, crusty, saucey, chewy, bursting with toppings, kind of bad for you but who cares sort. Still using the freshest ingredients, Zachary's is an Oakland and Berkeley favorite and tops every pizza popularity poll. Equally great for a family night out or a first date, this is one pizza that will leave you craving more even though you've already unbuttoned your top button.

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